About SavYour

SavYour was developed out of Passion

SavYour has always been aiming for the stars and shooting them down! SavYour’s journey that began with a few dreamers, with the passage of time, has transitioned itself from a startup directed by raw passion of handful individuals to a well-structured and an accumulated experienced entity, thanks to Disrupt. SavYour today, is on the verge of breaking records of growth alongside envisioning a platform for the people of Pakistan that is revolutionizing lifestyles!

With the passage of time, SavYour has transitioned itself from a startup directed by raw passion of handful individuals to a well-structured and an accumulated experienced entity.

Thanks to Disrupt

Our Founders

The seeds of SavYour were sown in a casual talk on a rooftop between two brothers – Omer Bilal and Uzair Bilal. They desired on making the lives of Pakistanis better by providing them with discounts/savings cards. A team was put in place comprising three dear friends Noman Khan, Anas Abrar Siddiqui and Ali Arif; the roots of SavYour began to sprout and within no time, a spontaneous business plan was prepared and physical discount cards were produced.


Initially, these discount cards were sold at a mere price of Rs. 600 only, however the non-track ability of cards led the team to convert the model into a digital app. After witnessing start-up growth pains faced at teething age first-hand, SavYour team needed a mentor who would take their dream and reach scale the business to success.


A leading tech organization that is known to create value beyond boundaries, heard what SavYour team had to say and after a mutual understanding, SavYour was completely acquired by Disrupt.


Motivate individuals towards smart and friendly spending in a youthful fashion.

Creating, Guiding & Empowering

Disrupt conventionally backs tech start-ups and scales them for growth. They are known to counsel entrepreneurs, cultivate startups and sow opportunities to reap benefits. Over the past decade, they have created, acquired, invested in, and grown organizations that serve numerous verticals across several countries.

Their experienced team of world-class engineers, designers, and marketers improvise these startups for a rapid growth and an unprecedented scaling.

Disrupt guided SavYour team, to formulate a Mission out of which a Vision statement was developed to achieve the goal:


We believe it’s the right of every individual to have the means to live a fruitful life. Whether you are looking for the best value or desiring to flourish, we are devoted to serving everyone with the hub to get more for life.

Spend More, Save More, Live More

Spread your wings and enjoy limitless savings on your favorite Premium Brands across Pakistan. With discounts upto 80% Off, you live more with SavYour.

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