SavYour’s Big Bang!

The seeds of SavYour were sown in a casual talk on a rooftop among three dreamers.

The seeds of SavYour were sown in a casual talk on a rooftop among three dreamers. Among them was Omer Bilal – the founder and spearhead of SavYour’s success - and his brother Uzair Bilal who was going to become a core team member at SavYour. A random discussion about university alumni discount / incentive cards - and the fact that they are available only to the alumni - wandered off to the possibility of a universal card that offers savings to all. The roots of SavYour were sprouting already. An intuitive business plan flashed a light bulb right away in the head of Omer Bilal, who could see the opportunity.

Executing the idea involved production of cards generating value for the society that we know loves to spend. Omer knew however that the real leverage though had to come from the human intellect needed to convince and take on board the most popular brands. This is where SavYour became something bigger than one person. Omer tapped into the resources of his closest friend Noman Khan and they hustled to get initial research going on the viability of the project. A major breakthrough came from Omer’s brother Uzair Bilal, and his friend Ali Arif who bought in their yearlong exposure and experience in working for one of the top deals website in Karachi.

Early Grind

Getting the team together was perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle. It was now about mobilizing the team and their resource-pool. It wasn’t just about sleepless nights and travelling in painstaking public transport to save costs. For Omer it was about juggling between his commitments toward commercial advertisements to fuel his business, while squeezing time out to work on his business idea. For the others too, it was about sidelining lucrative career options. With a detailed business plan on paper, the group was engaged for weeks in meeting and holding presentations for representatives from some of the most prominent brands in the country. In little over four weeks, MOU's were signed with over a 100 brands with the commitment to launch SavYour within three months.

An urgent call for paid internships helped raise SavYour’s first makeshift sales team of about 25 individuals which got the team modeling 3,500 card sales for the first batch – if only it had been that way. Instead, last minute order cancellations, a delay in production of the cards and new found troubles in delivering the cards via cash on delivery, dwindled the deliveries. The first cash inflow was reasonable enough to cover the costs of developing a website, create social media presence and pave way for salaries of some permanent sales employees. SavYour seemed off and running as it expanded to a team of about 20-25 people shortly afterwards.

SavYour as it Stands

Our venture transforms from card to app...

As years have passed, SavYour has transitioned from a mere startup directed by raw passion of a handful of individuals to a structured, progressive entity breaking the codes to consistent growth and expansion.

SavYour has been about aiming for the stars and shooting them down. It has been a journey of dreamers and doers. This belief is what brought it into existence, and it is also what keeps it going.