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A Complete Lifestyle Application


Discover the undiscovered places around you & see what other users think about them.


Get thousands of Free Dine-In Discount Deals on more than 500 brands around you & save thousands of rupees every month.


Share your experiences with others & read what others are saying about the local brands.


Follow like-minded users & influencers to share experiences & helping each other in making better decisions.

News & Updates

Stay updated with all the happenings in the community & news from the brands.


Become a Positive Influence on the community by helping fellow users & get rewarded with points that will increase your level.

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Compliment to make Someone’s Day

Your sweet words can turn someone’s bad day into a good one, so remember to Complement other users whenever you feel like & the good, will return to you.

Help the Community

When you share your experience with any business, it benefits thousands of other users to make better decisions, so don’t forget to share your experiences.

Become a Local Hero

No one knows your town better than you, therefore your opinions matter the most, tell the community about the best places & become a Positive Influence.


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